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Ben Stetler, PLLC

Ben is dedicated to resolving disagreements using alternative dispute resolution methods.  As a skilled attorney-mediator and arbitrator, Ben focuses his practice on domestic and civil matters.

Ben witnessed firsthand the all too frequent financial and emotional chaos people experience when they litigate their dispute rather than negotiate their resolution.  As compared to what a judge might order, mediation allows parties to craft agreements that make more sense for their individual lives.  It allows them to maintain privacy and control.  And by focusing the discussion on their interests, mediation can help preserve good-will between parties when a relationship must endure (in some capacity) long after the disagreement is resolved.

Through his direct approach and awareness of both the legal implications and the acute emotional toll conflicts can take on individuals, Ben has earned a reputation for being fair, dedicated, and results oriented.  As one party noted, “No matter where you’re at, Ben has an ability to meet you there.  He understands financial matters.  He understands children’s matters.  He just understands life.  And he has an uncanny ability to pick up on the emotional pulse of the room that helps him navigate the parties toward resolution.”

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