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Thank you for visiting Ben Stetler PLLC, a Texas mediation and family law firm dedicated to protecting the interests of our clients. Dealing in a broad array of legal matters and focusing on small businesses, individuals, and families, we protect your rights and your interests.

As a small law firm, we pride ourselves on providing high quality service to our clients.  We devote our personal attention to our clients’ matters, which allows us to better achieve the results that they are seeking.  Our lawyers focus on quality, communication, efficiency and results. Together, our team of attorneys is equipped to handle a broad spectrum of matters and we will dutifully focus on yours in order to achieve the best result possible.

Ben Stetler PLLC provides a full range of legal services, representing clients in matters of contracts, computer law, criminal law, traffic violations, computer law, business associations, intellectual property, wills, trusts, family & domestic law, and civil litigation.  We also can accommodate same day or next day appointments if your legal situation is pressing and requires attention right away.

We understand that unexpected legal issues can often result in stress, paperwork, and uncertainty.  Let our experienced Texas lawyers handle the stressful legal situation on your behalf while you turn your attention back to what is important to you.

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